Embassy of the Earth Seventh Generation Project

‘Why would I take you on board?’ ‘What’s your contribution?’ She looks at me as if I’m out of my mind. I mean: ‘which three talents can I count on, when we are way beyond the shores, on the middle of the sea?’ She smiles.

 ‘Where ever I am, I’m usually the boss…’

‘Can I write down, leadership qualities?’ Wow – I see her thinking – sounds good!

We are in Irish café Sally O’Brien in the city of Zwolle, enrolling for THE JOURNEY. The Two Mast Tall Ship ‘The Gallant’ will take ten young people – who are clients of the Trias Youth Support System – and five elders on board for a nine day sailing trip. As crew. To enlist, everyone signs the sailor-contract. Upon return THE JOURNEY continues on the main land for another nine months until the spring of 2017. Purpose? Design and build your own future!

THE JOURNEY is a special adventure, originally designed as a program for Olympic athletes on their quest for immortality and gold at the Athens Olympics of 2004.

Entering THE JOURNEY, you have your own dreams and your own purpose for the future. In time you will come face to face with yourself.

“Where you stumble the treasure lies’, it is said.

Which means, meeting your demons is part of the JOURNEY! Going deep, may, to your surprise, invite unsuspected forces to become your ally.

Often, participants have said, in retrospect, that the power of the team gave them the extra needed nudge to stay on course, heading in the right direction. Issues that seemingly do not directly relate to THE JOURNEY will cross your path and will have a considerable influence. For example, what’s the role of your friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend? Your family members? How is your presence in a group or team? What’s happening in school?

The world is in motion. On all frontiers. Climate Change is putting ‘ordinary life’ under pressure. Refugees flooding all over Europe, limits to economic growth, the end of the fossil fuel era. The planet is really hurting!
No more open ticket to a stable future for this new generation. ‘Just finish your education, we’ll guarantee your first job’- is a promise we, the elders, can no longer fulfill. For the young people at Trias Youth Support this rings true as well. They also will ask themselves: ‘why would I adapt to the needs of this society? What’s the sense of that? But, where am I suppose to go?
All good questions. Answer? Do what’s happening in many places on the planet, as we are speaking. The young generation taking charge, shaping the future they want. All alone? Of course not. They connect with other young people, often face to face in small groups and with the use of social media. In fact, with everyone who has knowledge and experience in response to their needs. Currently there are three billion smart phones effectively operating on the planet.

Just as being  a sailor on board of a tall sail ship is very concrete and real task, the group will upon return engage in real and tangible projects, moving closer and closer to their desirable future.

Team Trias with Jeroen Beckers, Evelien de Hamer, Erna van den Berg en Johan van Aalderen with Team Embassy of the Earth – Frank Heckman, Emiel ten Voorde en Loek van der Lans are the JOURNEY organizers. And besides Erna and Johan, all are fellow travelers.

THE JOURNEY is handing you the tools to bring out the best you have. And there is ample space for knowledge and experience from outside people. Learning by doing, and lots of sharing.

Five Dimensions of the JOURNEY:

CALLING → If you don’t know where you are sailing, any wind will do.

FELLOWSHIP → One finger can’t lift a pebble

DRAGONS → Where you stumble the treasure lies

PERFORMANCE → Stepping in the middle of the moment, talents in motion

RETURN → Bringing home the Holy Grail, learning and sharing




I’m here to tell you of what is taking place in Paris, make you aware of a gathering that will run parallel to the Climate Summit COP21 in December in Paris this year. It is called: ‘Voices4MotherEarth, World Wisdom Gathering’.

We, Semuel Sahureka, Leo van der Vlist, and me, Frank Heckman started this journey nearly a year ago. Inspired and directed by Indigenous Elders from different parts of the globe, we announced an official Call for Ceremony at the 14th UN Indigenous Forum Meeting in New York last Spring. Ceremonies are the key dynamic process in indigenous life to maintain, restore and initiate relations to the Web of Life, to all that is living, the Mother Earth. New York was in fact a call for a Ceremonial Journey to Paris, COP21 December 2015. And so it happened with the help of a lot of close and beautiful people.

Thirty Wisdom Keepers – Elders, youngsters, men, women, artist, scientists and more – from all over the planet will gather on a special place just outside Paris, to raise the consciousness and enhance the transition towards a healthy and habitable planet. Commonly shared is the need for a new paradigm, a change of our current worldview. This gathering will be supported by ceremonies of Indigenous Peoples all over the world. One outcome of the World Wisdom Gathering will be a clear unified, unprecedented vision of human kind on Mother Earth.

Much of what is happening in Paris is seen by many as the filling in of the ‘Blind Spot of our Time’, providing the missing link, the reconnection to Nature, what Einstein called ‘the origin of Life’. Many projects, initiatives are going or are ready to be launched across the planet. There is an urgency and hunger to connect thinking directly to doing, if you will, spirit to action. So, that’s the intention of this Wisdom Gathering: to bring their vision, gifts, knowledge and experience down to earth. Available and understandable and useful to all!

The Wisdom Keepers will bring their vision and messages in a ceremonial way to the world on Sunday the sixth of december, from the heart of Paris where the Big Drum, specially made by the Ojibway people, has been beating non stop to the rhythms of the heart of the Earth since the beginning of the COP21.

Children, young people, Clan mothers, Elders, leaders from the COP21, citizens and thousands of ceremonial drummers gently resonating the heartbeat of Mother Earth will be present on the 6th. A sacred fire will be lit in the place surrounded by the waters of the Seine on Île de la Cité in front of the Notre Dame (Our Lady, Mother Earth).

This is our offer to Paris, our gift to the world.

Much is happening in the preparation, like a team of cooks preparing their best dish of the year. But in all honesty, we need your help at this point. Until now this ‘project’ has almost been zero-budget. Which works, many people are helping. But it is also unequivocally clear that we need funding, financial support. The rigging up of the gathering, ceremonial spaces, local transport, cook, food and drinks, para-medical support, communication, cost of travel for those who need support and more logistics.

Thank you for supporting this key process and with it helping to create a good life on planet Earth,

We will keep you posted about the progress and outcomes of Voices4MotherEarth, World Wisdom Gathering.

My Earth is your Earth

My Heart is your Heart

My Spirit is your Spirit

Let’s work together