“The Embassy of the Earth has been instrumental in some terrific shifts. In essential societal topics such as food, water, energy and economy, as the projects show. Working like a ‘midwife’ with its inclusive and practical design.

Lately, I found myself mailing ideas, blurbs and other stuff to my friends, family and people from my inner circle. There have always been new ideas, new people and new applications around the practice of the ‘Embassy’. But my communications were about the quintessence. What do we need to do as ‘humanity’ to keep Earth from further destruction and bring Her in better shape, enabling a worthy future for our children.”

This was the introduction to the blog WE ARE SACRED, I started back in March.

Looking at some of the entrees I realize I’m optimistic, literally saying our own shift of mind (and heart) is only a ‘short distance away’.

That is true for how I conduct my life and act on this notion. In a larger sense, when I’m still and go inside and beyond, I feel a great sadness.

Feeling the pain of our living Earth and all the turmoil of destruction, the tears of trauma, the fear and the shame. You could see it as the ‘wounded heart’, my witness to reality.

It keeps me humble, and dedicated. My native name, once given to me by Nowaten – The One Who Listens -, one of the last Holy Men of the Three Fire Tribes, is Wahdehseh – the strong hearted one – . Given to me to fulfill a task.

First thing was to find my own ‘tribe’. And there were Bruce, Duane, Kleopatra, Leo, Maryan, Semuel, Van, Maria, Theun, John and later Bapak Amus, Joyce, Stephanie, Danny, Guusje, Emiel, Pelpina, Peter, Henry, Rolf, Nicolas, Petra, Chiara, and more. All people I’ve known since the ‘beginning of time’.

The Rise is now.

Then the task to point out that this ‘rise in planetary consciousness’ is now! That is, there is enough momentum to set many things in motion. And it is happening, in real time! Connecting and building new ways to deal with our damaged Earth and some of our ‘lost’ fellows has begun. With real urgency to act.

This winter, countries and their respected leaders and participants will flood Paris to talk, discuss, negotiate and reach agreement on tackling issues on Climate Change –COP21.

A much larger picture

The shifting of this new paradigm – matching the way nature works and man thinks -, or ‘our way of life’ on planet Earth is a much larger picture, touching on all aspects of society. Economics, politics, governance, much more, and, of course, also climate change.

When the Indigenous prophesy speaks of the Rainbow Tribe it points out that only a collective effort of the entire, of all colors and all directions, human family can overcome this challenge.

Therefore, what is happening in Paris in December is more than, a much bigger picture, than hosting COP21, the United Nations Framework for Climate Change and all that is subservient.

Paris, December 2015, will be a historic moment.

It is in this city that the citizens of the planet, a huge grassroots movement, will announce and demonstrate their power and responsibility to restore, maintain and renew the relationship with their ‘Natural World’.

Thousands of drums in town and across the Globe will testify this.

Many voices and instruments will communicate this. Ceremonies will take place on all continents.

fotoAt that same time, on a beautiful place in Paris, this consciousness is put to practice by the Indigenous Elders, Grandmothers, and Youth. They, among others, form the bedrock for the necessary change in the world. The Grandmothers, wise women from all tribes, will pass on the Gift – the ancient Earth Wisdom – to the New Generation.

Ceremonies will take place there and wherever we are called. One such place could be on Isle de France, the center of Paris, in the midst of the river the Seine. Whose waters carry the ancient wisdom.