Filming and montage – Thomas Roebers and Hanne van Asten


During the COP21 in Paris December 2015 another gathering took place on the other side of Paris, at Chateau de Millemont. The dynamics of the COP21 at le Bourget – emissions, CO2, temperature, negotiations – will run its course. We felt that the fine energies that Ceremonies and Gatherings generate at Millemont – and many other places around the Globe -, will certainly touch and effect Le Bourget and far beyond.

Ceremonies and Collective Imagination: Future of Earth

A group of people came to France of which each person carried a ‘strand’ of the Human Tribe. What counts is all colors, all pieces, not the more the better. Indigenous Elders, Clan Mothers, from all directions of the world played an important role. They preserve Earth’s wisdom, natural laws and therefore hold part of the solution. But also Scientists, Youth, People of Faith, Entrepreneurs, special Wisdom Keepers, Artists came together to listen, speak and imagine the emergence of the Future of the Earth. Silence, songs and ceremonies, and also creativity, discussion and stories gave direction to a possible and desirable future of our ‘Mother Earth’. Inspiring us, wanting to put the effort in and create movement. As an Unfolding New Story.

This narrative, unfolding new story as the fabric giving the outcomes and actions of the UN climate agreements a context. Embracing all the other efforts, initiatives, experiments and good practices that we already see happening all over the world. And strengthening us in the challenges ahead.

Watch the interviews with the people who speak about Mother Earth from the heart.



Laurence de Bure is one of those rare people who can blindly and passionately follow their calling in life. Now she is helping the Hopi people with her life-time experience to restore their water springs.

Traditional tribal water knowledge carried by the Elders was lost when the youth were broken out of their communities by the boarding schools. But is now put into practice again by a small group of Hopi young men. They brought seven springs alive in this arid, drought ridden land. Twenty five more to go.

Just imagine the complete turnaround of the landscape and lives of the Hopi people if these sacred and ancient springs are fully functional. This what the Earth and the human family needs now: real time best practice. People committing and digging in to restore the ecology of our great Mother Earth. Thank you Rain Catchers, thank you Laurence!

With 25 more to go they could use a little help from their friends!

Information for investors here.

‘The work of the Waterock L3C and the Hopi Raincatchers shows a model that could engage large numbers of people in work that is of huge and immediate importance to mitigation and adaptation of climate change. I would recommend helping them in anyway possible.’ — John D. Liu

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