A Maasai community-led livelihood renewal project for a vibrant and healthy ecosystem in Amboseli, Kenya

A surprising initiation of the project

Early summer 2017, in my Facebook Messenger, Janice Nkoyato Mutui appears:
Hello Frank; hello Janice, where are you from?; from Kenya; what are you doing?; I am beading; – picture of a necklace appears in the screen -; looks like a Maasai necklace; I am a Maasai woman;
from the city?; no, a small village; – picture of a hut appears -;
we women build the huts; is that you on the roof?; no, that’s my mother; you study?; no, I wish, my mother can’t afford it;
what do you want to study?; want to become a diplomat; for your people?; yes, for my people;
I have good news for you; you could become Ambassador for the Embassy of the Earth, our foundation; Wow!;
know anything about growing crops, herding etc.?; yes I do,five of our cows died this week; Drought?; yes, terrible drought for the longest time!

In that same instant I connected Janice to my friend Wim van Immerzeel who, for two years, is running a program called Greening Africa in Tanzania with the Pachamama Raymi approach (see annex 1), a concept proven to be successful for many years in Peru. Only a half day away from the Amboseli region and the village of Inchurra in Kenya where Janice lives, Wim encounters similar challenges with drought and livestock, degraded land, struggling communities and also indigenous communities.

Seeing is believing

Soon thereafter, a small delegation of Maasai people visited Wim’s project in Tanzania, their trip sponsored by the Embassy of the Earth. Talking to their Tanzanian peers, the Maasai delegation is soon convinced: “This is what we need in Amboseli!” They witnessed livelihoods shifting for the better, energized people, impressive collaboration and above all tangible results. Nurseries, fodderbanks for the cows and goats, hardwood and nut trees, improved homesteads, handmade waterwells and much more. Communities taking life back into their own hands, building their own futures. Read more >>

beautiful fertile soil



This week the Call for Ceremony will be released worldwide, in the Indigenous way, in all Four Directions. The list of our Indigenous brothers and sisters is impressive, stretching from Africa, The Americas, Asia, Polynesia, Europe and more people are knocking at the door.

We are grateful and delighted with the people who are stepping up helping this effort to really unleash the so needed ‘spirit of community’. As said before this is something so fundamental in the needed shift toward a healthy future for all, that it is easily overlooked in the fever of 2 degrees and giga-tons CO2.

The Kogi’s – Guardians from the Heart of the World – who are protecting one of the largest coastal forests on the planet in Colombia, are telling us: ‘We are now living outside of the laws of nature where nature is now turning against man and becoming the enemy. Climate change is the consequence of the fact that man is operating outside the laws of life and the laws of nature, law of the balance of the world. And doing so will destroy the balance.’

We will present the official Call for Ceremony in the days to come!

Just follow us.

My Earth is your Earth
My Heart is your Heart
My Spirit is your Spirit
We are Working Together!