NDSMOn the 20 and 21st of june 2009 38 young Dutchmen gathered on the NDSM Shipyards, Amsterdam’s creative epicenter. All of the 38 are highly involved in activities and various networks to find new and better ways to live on the planet. At the same time they realized that a shift in consciousness is needed to face the challenges. They coined that shift: “Coming home on Earth”.

For a full two days this group went through the Embassy of the Earth, a gathering place, concept and process at the same time. Using the best of social sciences, sacred traditions and technology this group of young people realized that apart from tangible results and the power of the community, the essential point at the NDSM shipyards was about taking personal responsibility. Some important projects with far reaching societal impact evolved from these days. The general outcomes of the NDSM work session were presented and made available to the Prime Minister’s Team on Sustainability.