Article For ZeelandLonely Planet has visited the southern delta of the Netherlands. We discovered and were astounded by a rich cultural and very old historical region all set in the beautiful habitat of the Delta waters and… what a great place for water sports! We asked the people what they did to maintain and develop such a treasure.

They responded that one of the driving forces was when in 2006 they mobilised a group of key stakeholders. Together they embarked on a ‘journey’, searching for the most desirable future for water sports in the Zeeland Delta.

This is how they defined the future of the Zeeland Delta in 2010:

An excellent infrastructure of its waterways, good connections and great mobility.
Ample docking space and good facilities for passengers and recreation. A sustainable marina of the future, linked to a Centre of Excellence.

Law and regulations are dealt with in pragmatic and creative ways.

People making use of a state of the art interactive information and communication system.

In short:

The Zeeland Delta is widely seen as one of the most beautiful and hospitable regions for water sports on the planet!

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Interview with project leader Arnold van der Wees