Initiated by the ‘Nederland Krijgt Nieuwe Energie’ Foundation, some 15 people representing a broad spectrum of stakeholders, industry organisations, citizens and NGOs came together on June 25th on 90 ft, century old sail ship Hollandia. Following the philosophy of the Embassy of the Earth, a ‘free haven’ was created where participants could meet on an equal foot, in order to build mutual understanding and trust.

The involved parties all recognised the urgency and need to collaborate across their own borders, in order to accelerate the energy transition in the Netherlands. This is a field currently dominated by conflicting interests, an unequal playing field (between centralised and decentralised energy, between small and larger users, between fossil-based and renewable-based electricity) and fragmented and inconsistent government policies. Simultaneously, they recognised the big potential a ‘future-proof’ energy tax could play as a leverage point for an accelerated transition towards a sustainable (decentralised and renewables-based) energy system.

During an intensive 2-day working session, they explored current megatrends and factors shaping our world, trends in the field of energy, followed by a collective envisioning of an ideal future.

With the help of visual ‘anchor points’, they then explored current dilemmas that prevent a break-through policy on energy tax.

The outcome is a series of possible solutions from these dilemmas that shape a ‘third alternative’, transcending individual interests of the involved organisations. The group will be collaborating both virtually and in real-life over the next months in order to further develop the proposals for policy-makers and politicians.

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