For the year 2015 the Embassy of the Earth is focusing on the most critical subject possible: How do we restore and keep our planet Earth a good place to live for all us, now and for the children of our children. 

For one, we are asking indigenous people from all four directions of the world to take leadership and share their power, deep connection with nature, their values and philosophy – man’s indispensable part in the circle of life.

Look at the initiative: Indigenous Climate Dialogue / Call for Ceremony.

Next the Embassy of the Earth is helping to create a worldwide patchwork of vital communities – indigenous communities included -. Places where people have rekindled their relationship with Nature, turning their communities in thriving habitats. And they already exist, many of them.

These ‘New Global Villages’ will be, when connected, a booming exchange for knowledge, skills, experience and wisdom.

Work in progress! We´ll keep you informed.



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