People in Charge

2016 will be the ‘rise of the people’, which started over the last years out of unrest, frustration, upheaval, injustice and the hugely failing political, institutional and economic systems and its leadership.

And, it is fair to say, that people from the Club of Rome, countercultures for simple and honest living, Wisdom traditions and prophesies, tribal communities, eco-agriculture and permaculture movement, eco-activism, green parties, conservation movement, many NGO’s, many existing communities/villages worldwide that embrace the whole of life, Buen Vivir philosophy in Latin America, Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness system and much and many more have laid the groundwork for what Naomi Klein would call the ‘Big Leap.’

And now concerned citizens are re-addressing the roots of democracy. In more than 1500 big cities world wide, grass-root movements are actively involved in affairs such as ‘budget by the people’, policy-making and much more. Transitioning toward a participatory way of running the town. All factions of town connected. Life at zero distance.

Redistributing leadership, making it functional, situational and timely will indeed produce a very different city life. Different forms of non-dominant governance, the councils, are also present in the ancient ways of Indigenous societies. The women, clan mothers, often approved the appointed (male)council members and were, in their wisdom, capable of correcting when members deviated from the common interests. A phenomenon fully accepted by Indigenous society, as they understood that these matriarchal roots protected them against conflict.

From Cyberspace to Earth

This is the stuff the People will need to get a handle on. From virtual to down to earth. Renewal, appreciating traditional knowledge, learning to work in community will be utmost important. Staying and working in a shared space, real time, face to face, in a dialogical process, sometimes in the ‘talking circle’, as our Indigenous brothers and sisters do, sharing, cooperating, searching for common ground and purpose, deciding on actions.

Consciousness Shapes Life on the Planet

All over the planet this is a ripple expanding in widening circles. It may now look like all different groups focused on their own truths and solutions. The motion is that the planet is coming to a kind of consciousness.

‘Everything arises as excitations of consciousness’, says philosopher Bernardo Kastrup. He goes toe-to-toe with materialist science…so far he is undefeated. This materialist science claims that the tangible phenomena in our lives are void of any kind of essence, that we basically live in a dead universe. Indigenous Elders and Einstein say on this ‘matter’: ‘There is no honor to the origin of life, spirit must again overcome technology. Through wisdom the world will recover.’ Consciousness always existed because it is the medium of existence.

A consensus on planetary scale has been reached. A consensus born out of the destruction of our earth support systems, resources and threat to our existence, knowing that we are almost at the point of no return.

Visionary Work

Motivated by creativity, intelligence and equipped to reverse our current living conditions people are giving it their all; everywhere there are intense collaborative efforts on their way. On new green technologies, renewable energy solutions, new economic models, new education and learning, rebirth of vocational training, ecosystems restoration, new biology and other next generation sciences, new medicine and healing practices, local based eco agriculture, food-systems, and much, much more.

Jan Terlouw (84), author and physicist: ‘Solving the energy problem is quite simple. The sun shines huge amounts of energy on the earth surface every day. 98 % disappears back into space. Harvesting sustainable energy from this abundance is a piece of cake. I am emphasising it once more: a peace of cake!

The inherent value of all people and all of life is foundational.

And these developments are often co-created with bordering disciplines or joint topics working through new virtual ‘deep’ work platforms and stations. It is a growing momentum and nothing can stop it. A revolution on planetary scale is taking place!

With it a shift in consciousness, a knowing that the inherent value of all people and all of life is foundational. That generates a very different kind of society as we know it now. And it appears as if in many places on the globe people are working towards a future in which they have a common understanding, as if they can see the outlines of what that future has in mind for us. That vision of the future is putting us to work!

I Did It My Way and We Do it Our Way

The era that we have lived through has been an extremely authoritarian and undemocratic world system. We are now seeing the rise of the developing world, where 85% of the world population lives. Moving toward a world, which is no longer ruled by a tiny minority. The majority of the world population will in one way or another run it.

Of course we’ll see a run for the money.

Much of it will run its course by the implosion of the old economy, the end of the era of the Almighty Dollar worship. The reliance on money as the core value on which all life is based, is phasing out, breaking down. The Chinese castrated the IMF this last summer. The American Dream is now what Frank Sinatra used to sing in his famous My Way: ‘And now the end is near and so I face the final curtain…’

Of course we’ll see a run for the money and the dragging and frustrating of the climate change responses and efforts to restore our habitat. Chairman of the board of the Royal Dutch Shell said it recently: ‘We will for a long time still be dependent on fossil fuels.’ Of course ‘Capital’ speaks a different language: ‘It’s hard, it can’t be done, there are huge investments involved.’

The Big Leap

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, was struck, when looking from space, by the beauty and ‘oneness’ of Earth. ‘Our problems are only going to be solved with the participation of all people, all societies, and all cultures. The notion of a more cooperative, collaborative universe is absolutely essential.’

The good news is we can and are well equipped to make the Big Leap. And have been carrying the age-old potential with us for tens of thousands of years. We are ‘hardwired’ to dream, think, build, produce, adapt and move collectively in extremely effective ways. Our large brain has a sheer potential of social intelligence gradually developed over the 98 % of our (mainly nomadic) tribal existence here on the planet. It is in our genes, and a good two hundred years of Industrial Revolution and a couple of decennia of increasing individualism ain’t gonna change that!

Our family, as an apparently weak animal, were very effective, powerful and highly creative as a group.

The human-, biological sciences and the ‘wisdom traditions’ tell us that our forefathers had an extraordinary way to relate, develop and live with their natural environments. In their really impressive adaptation, meeting the next challenge with the best response, our family, as an apparently weak animal, were very effective, powerful and highly creative as a group. Their wisdom, if you listen to the stories, reminds us also of our connection with a living Earth and of our Oneness with others and other forms of life that are our companions.

Seventh Generation

Oren Lyons, Chief of the Onondaga Nation, writes: “We are looking ahead , as is one of the first mandates given us as chiefs, to make sure and to make every decision that we make relate to the welfare and well-being of the seventh generation to come. . . .” “What about the seventh generation? Where are you taking them? What will they have?”

And this next generation is very present. Read the powerful statement that young wisdom keepers Taimiroa Pajimola and Lindar Winnie Otieno made during the Ceremony and the press conference on the Seine river in front of the Notre Dame on Sunday the Sixth of this last December:

“We stand here as Voices 4 Mother Earth, who have gathered from all directions in Millemont near Paris, in a parallel event to the COP21. In our gathering we have experienced and acknowledged that WE ARE ALL ONE. We are all indigenous to this planet, Mother Earth is sacred; she gives us everything. All we have to do is remember, and unify in action. We have recommitted our love for Mother Earth to re-establish balance for all life. These are the sparks of motivation that guide us. In order to create balance, we must first create it within and between ourselves. We are clear that to heal our relationship to our Mother Earth is to heal our relationship to the Feminine. By creating global balance, the children, the poor, the animals, and all of nature will thrive. We weave our shared knowledge into practice, through our communities and lives, and through technology and open source environments. We, the youth, are the seventh generation after the start of the Industrial Age. In consideration of the next seven generations, we are taking unified action now to assure that they have a world they can live in. Today is the point from which we have the power to act. We are taking the lead. Please give us a hand. By joining intentions from all directions, it is already done.”