ALIFURU Ceram Ambon Lease & sv Southern Islands

DALFSEN International Wisdom Gathering

DEN HAAG Koekamp

DHAN Foundation, Water Ceremony Tata Dhan Academy several tribes

IBAN Sarawak Malaysia

ITALY Three Day Visit Damanhur

HOPI / HUVASUPAI, Tewa Grandmother Mona Polacca at Devils Tower South Dakota USA

KOGI Colombia



MISKITO Nicaragua

OJIBWAY Fire Keeper Bruce Hardwick on Three Fire Island Indiana USA

POTAWATOMEE Tribe, Earl Mischigaud Hannahville Upper Peninsula, Michigan USA

SAAMI Grandmother Laila Spik Sweden

SUPRABHA SESHAN, Gurukula Botanical Sanctuary India  incl. a song from Suprabha 🙂

VARIK Vuurceremonie Veerhuis

Feel free to post your event on the comment section.


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