Towering over me, steel nosed boots, bulletproof jacket, dark blue uniform, Kalashnikov slightly pointed at me, hands close to the trigger. This is Utrecht Central, Netherland’s busiest railway station. I am transferring to pick up my train home.

It is Wednesday the 23rd, one day after the massacre in Brussels. Country in phase three, one below red alert. Four months ago Nicolas, Leo and I are looking at the same gun points as we are entering the City Hall in Paris, one day after the attacks. To collect our permit to celebrate life in the heart of the city on the 6th of December. Nothing of that, life is shut down. Fear breathing through the city in an eery, quiet way. In the centre of the storm, silence tells us a different story. Emotions ran when we felt the devastation at the site of the killings. It just struck a deep chord and confirmed with great clarity:

‘Separation of any kind breeds violence, it will take a whole new way to re-create our world.’

Monday, one season after Millemont, at the Sacred Fire in Varik, Henry’s Ferry House, we thank the Winter for all her gifts and welcome the Spring. New life, black and white turning polychrome. The gifts of our wisdom gathering Voices 4 Mother Earth are sprouting through the soil toward the sun. Stretching, spreading like a natural patchwork. No ordinary piece, no isolated piece, no fragmented patch. A patchwork connected through the same fabric, no matter where, every part reflecting the whole.

All bloodlines to the next level

Listening in, many of our brothers and sisters at Millemont spoke afterwards about a profound experience. They felt a sense of belonging, an inner awareness that hit ‘m when they got home, feeling strong connections, confirmed personal experience, disoriented, grief, needing to recover, putting the pieces together, life changing, a longing, dissolving of worldviews, inspired to take it to the next level. As if everyone’s consciousness was stretched a tiny bit. Beyond the smaller self into the larger communal space.

Not that most of us didn’t know about this stuff, but here we were, not with people or groups we normally hang out with or circumstances known to us. We were, no doubt, very much on the world stage, stepping into the unknown, uncertain of outcomes, assuming there is a common ground to all. All colours, all ages, all walks of life, all languages, all ranks, all bloodlines, many ancestors, sacred spaces, ancient trees, wild boars, the winged ones, Mother Earth, Climate Change, press, politics, power, money, systems collapse, distractions, terrorism and the ‘rest of the world’ were in and around Millemont. Historically earmarked as one of the places where three centuries ago a violent (French) revolution was conspired.

Fire, love and real tasks

And in the midst of this dynamism, like a roiling, boiling cauldron of hyperkinetic forces, events and uncertain relations, the Sacred Fire burned. Flames connecting Sky and Earth, the space waxing and waning, breathing, opening up to the vulnerable strength of the one stepping inside the circle. The pain of one is the pain of all, the pain of all is the pain all of humanity. The anger of one is the anger of all, the anger of all is the anger of all of humanity. The love of one is the love of all, the love of all is the love of all of humanity. The circle is widening and contracting, casting ripples of consciousness. We know beyond words, we are brushed by this all encompassing experience, that we are an intricate part of the ‘great mystery’, that indeed, we are all one.

The Millemont experience and wisdom gathering has a great bearing on current developments and those yet to come. The wisdom keepers delivered on their promise to move into a deep process, delve into the nature of consciousness. By honoring the intentions set, through the attraction and creation of a good village-like habitat, acceptance of its diversity, dedication to the practice of ceremony and real time tasks, people unleashed the spirit of community, the power of Oneness.

The consciousness of this, knowing that we know, might very well be the alpha and the omega of was said before: ‘it will take a whole new way to re-create our world.’

The discovery that the raising of consciousness is best realized in the setting of community, in the midst of real tasks, tackling real problems, designing real solutions, knowing that all of those movements evoke spirit.

Consciousness informs matter – it is already done.



Millemont, France 6–11 December 2015

Wisdom keepers call for unified action for the next seven generations

Millemont – The Voices 4 Mother Earth gathering led by wisdom keepers from around the world – Indigenous elders, scientists, farmers, youth and more – call for unified action to ensure that the next seven generations have a world in which they can live.



Young wisdom keepers Taimiroa Pajimola (center) and Lindar Winnie Otieno (right) , reading the Vision Statement of the Voices 4 Mother Earth gathering to the press on the Seine river in front of the Notre Dame on Sunday the Sixth of December.

We stand here as Voices 4 Mother Earth, who have gathered from all directions in Millemont near Paris, in a parallel event to the COP21.

In our gathering we have experienced and acknowledged that WE ARE ALL ONE.

We are all indigenous to this planet, Mother Earth is sacred; she gives us everything. All we have to do is remember, and unify in action.

We have recommitted our love for Mother Earth to re-establish balance for all life. These are the sparks of motivation that guide us.

In order to create balance, we must first create it within and between ourselves.

We are clear that to heal our relationship to our Mother Earth is to heal our relationship to the Feminine.

By creating global balance, the children, the poor, the animals, and all of nature will thrive.

We weave our shared knowledge into practice, through our communities and lives, and through technology and open source environments.

We, the youth, are the seventh generation after the start of the Industrial Age. In consideration of the next seven generations, we are taking unified action now to assure that they have a world they can live in.

Today is the point from which we have the power to act.  We are taking the lead. Please give us a hand.

By joining intentions from all directions, it is already done.


Our unique gathering was dedicated to deep listening and sharing of ancient wisdom, natural laws and supporting technology to unfold a clear, unified and unprecedented new paradigm for humankind. Providing the direction and practice to restore and live well in balance with Mother Earth as well as calling for participation on a planetary scale.

It is clear that we are now at the eve of a planetary breaking point, a point of no return. When such a shift occurs, systems shut down with catastrophic consequences and there will be nothing human beings can do to reverse this.

It is evident that Indigenous Peoples are a vital part of the solution to restore our sacred relationship with our rapidly changing ecology. Eighty percent of our last pristine nature has been cared for and protected by generations of Indigenous peoples’ knowledge, experience and wisdom always with a strong spiritual connection to Mother Earth.

Through the gathering’s collective wisdom, we have recognized that with practical earth knowledge, experience and local community efforts we can take life back into our own hands by co-creating a better world with new initiatives.


Four hands of wisdom keepers from all directions bringing together earth, seeds, water and humanity – Image created by Theun Karelse and Maria Blaisse

For the next seven generations we commit to protect and restore Mother Earth for a more abundant and happy life. We know how Mother Earth’ systems function and that there is a strong relationship between healthy ecosystems, climate change, social sustainability, happiness, wealth and equality. We consider this to be the road to peace for humanity. Rural and urban self-organizing communities, livelihoods, neighborhoods and villages are the designated way for immediate action through full participation. Some shared initiatives include:

  • Fostering Indigenous knowledge, teachings and practices – learning to appreciate a way of life that is in rhythm with our natural world;
  • Ecosystems Restoration – educational/vocational base-camps where people learn and work to restore degraded landscapes, all over the world;
  • Sharing critical knowledge and experience between existing self-reliant, thriving communities,;
  • Bio-regional Marine Sanctuaries – redesigning of life space and habitats based on watersheds;
  • Economy Transformers –putting value at the foundation of life;
  • Critical State of Mother Earth report – most recent scientific data and recommendations.
  • Community Based Food Systems – eco-agriculture, open source seeds, adaptation practices, connected to more than 4 million smallholder farmers honoring Mother Earth;
  • Increased consciousness – personal and social development, rekindling the relationship with our (inner) nature, worldwide consciousness concerts;
  • POC21 – Next generation: open source energy sources and technologies for the Future.