More than ever before human spirit needs unity

Brothers and sisters,

Our heart goes out to all those affected by this rude, inhuman act of violence. May their souls rest in peace. Many prayers for those who are wounded, and condolences and consolation for the families, friends and citizens of the city of Paris. This city is twice wounded in a year. And now this impact is disrupting Paris and everyone’s life for some time to come.  

Just as much as these bombs intend to fragment, scatter and destroy, the human spirit now, more than ever before, needs unity, our minds connection and our hearts love.

So in this very moment, we Call for Prayer, we Call for Ceremony.

What we all set out to do, World Wisdom Gathering, Voices for Mother Earth – Drumming for Mother Earth and the expression to the world on the 6th of December of the gift of Unity and Love, the inherent human values that are foundational to all of life, is now, even more of the utmost importance. Will we take our place in evolution or will it be the course of ultimate destruction?

So for your information, although we are realistic and understand the changing circumstances – are in direct contact with the City of Paris , we continue to prepare our Wisdom Gathering two weeks from now. Tomorrow we drive to our gathering place to organize the basics of our meeting. Monday morning we are ready to have our meeting in the City Hall to arrange the provisions for the sixth of December. Any adaptations due to security, or deviations we will report promptly with all of you.

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‘Voices4MotherEarth’ – World Wisdom Gathering will run parallel to the COP21 gathering in Paris

Thirty outstanding Wisdom Keepers from around the world – elders and grandmothers of Indigenous Peoples, spiritual leaders, scientists, economists, artists, youth and more – will gather just outside Paris, from November 30th until December 6th, with the aim to raise the global consciousness, enhance and envision the transformation towards a healthy, sustainable and harmonious Mother Earth.

A new paradigm

This unique gathering will be a process of deep listening and sharing of ancient wisdom and natural laws to unfold a clear, unified and unprecedented new paradigm for humankind, living well in balance with Mother Earth. The Wisdom Keepers gather with the vision to bring their gifts, knowledge and experience down to earth, co-creating new initiatives, available, understandable and useful to all. Like spirit in action!

All over the World!

The World Wisdom Gathering will simultaneously be supported by ceremonies of Indigenous Peoples all over the world. These ceremonies are their key dynamic processes to maintain, restore and initiate relations to all that is living and this is how they have protected most of the biodiversity-rich places left on Mother Earth.

Filling the Blind Spot

The ceremonial gathering is seen by other Indigenous leaders – of whom many are active in the discussions at the COP21 – as the filling in of the ‘Blind Spot of our Time’, providing the missing link, the reconnection to what Einstein called ‘the origin of Life’.

The Wisdom Keepers want to bring their vision and messages in a ceremonial way to the world, from the heart of Paris. A place surrounded by the water of the Seine on Île de la Cité in front of the Notre Dame (Our Lady, Mother Earth).

Drumming her heartbeat

A special Sacred Drum is being made by the Ojibway people to drum the heartbeat of Mother Earth, resonating from this place in the heart of Paris during the entire Climate Summit. On Sunday the 6th of December the World’s Wisdom Keepers will come to Île de la Cité in front of the Notre Dame with their vision and messages to the world.

Via the river Seine with Indigenous canoes, they will bring a Sacred Peace Fire and will be surrounded by a large group of people drumming the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

A gift to the world

This is a Ceremony for all, the gift to the world.
You are most welcome to be part of this!

My Earth is your Earth
My Heart is your Heart
My Spirit is your Spirit
Let’s work together

Wisdom Keepers
Crowdfunding campaign
Background information here

The Voices4MotherEarth – World Wisdom Gathering is an initiative of:

Front Siwa Lima/Bangsa Adat AlifUrU – Pelpina Sahureka and Semuel Sahureka
The Embassy of the Earth – Frank Heckman
The Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples – Leo van der Vlist

In co-creation with:

Mona Polacca – International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers
Phil Lane Jr. – Four Worlds International Institute
Duane Kinnart – Ojibway firekeeper
Peter Bal – Millemont Institute
Petra Pop – French blogger
Nicolas Beriot – Climate scientist and ecologist
John Liu – Filmmaker and ecologist
Henry Mentink – Club of Budapest
Karin Lindeman-Boere – Four Worlds Europe
Chiara Vitali –  Rayavita
Gabriel Oko – Tambours Schamaniques
Danny Vader – Tree of Peace
Jan Gerritsen and Truus Oosterhuis – Vier Winden (drumming), and many others