350 years of Dutch colonialism not only exploited the natural resources but also banned the  Alifuru from their identity and stripped off everything surrounding Alifuru. Pelpina Sahureka has reintroduced the name of Alifuru in 1974 for a youth organization: The Alifuru Anai, the Alifuru descendants.

In 1994 Pelpina Sahureka became head of the Bangsa Adat Alifuru, the indigenous Alifuru people. She has been the head in several UN fora: the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations, the UN Sub-commission on Human Rights, the UN Commission on Human Rights and the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. She has been unanimously elected Chairperson in 2008 of the working group of the mentioned forum.

In close cooperation with Mr. Leo van der Vlist of the Netherlands Center for Indigenous Peoples, Pelpina Sahureka had two Alifuru Elders from Ceram (Maluku), perform an indigenous ceremony at the UN Peace Palace in The Hague in 2004. At the instigation of Pelpina Sahureka, the Alifuru Elders in Maluku, along with the fantastic support through local ceremonies of more than 100 nations worldwide, helped pass and adopt the Declaration of Indigenous Peoples by the UN General Assembly.

After centuries the Alifuru People have restored their undeniable indigenous core of existence.


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