Gine is a graduate from the Wageningen Agricultural University in the Netherlands, and has since then worked her whole life in agriculture and rural development with a special focus on food security for people living in poverty, among others for the FAO of the United nations and Oxfam. The food system, from the seed to the fork (and back) and the role nature and people play in this, is what fascinates her and where she tries to make a change.

She is intrigued by the amazing capacity of people to cope in difficult circumstances and is always trying to look at complex issues from a whole range of perspectives and especially tries to understand and decipher the point of view of the people living in poverty. Africa, and the people of that continent, have a soft spot in her heart as she spent part of her childhood there, worked there for over 15 years and it is where her two daughters were born.

The Embassy of the Earth is a great initiative to connect people and nature again, and she is proud to be associated with it.