Chieftain Frank
shares his experiences and stories. Where others see just a metaphoric empty desert, Frank sees the life and water under the surface. To bring this in the open and to pass this on to others is his natural way of working.

Frank researched the effects and conditions of ‘Flow’, the psychology of optimal experience, in the social context of the workplace with the support of Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, at the University of Chicago.

Today Frank often functions as a ‘social architect’, designing interventions around complex issues helping organizations/communities, institutions and government agencies to think and act as ‘open systems’ and boost their social capital.

For the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens he designed and led the ‘Hero’s Journey’, a specific program for the Dutch Olympic Team to enhance social strenght and mental toughness. In addition Heckman steps into the role of ‘shadow partner’ to help top-managers,  top athletes, coaches, teachers, world stage performers in their search for ‘sustainable performance’.