alida4I met Frank Heckman in the nineties when he came back from the U.S. At that time I worked as a facilitator of change for people who were looking for new careers and for meaning in their life. He was my teacher in direct democracy. Together we worked in changing organisations and systems, fully aware of the ecological and spiritual depth of the open-systems approach.

The idea about the embassy of the earth came up in Kosovo. We were asked to find new ways to engage all parties (after the war) in a new process of democracy and peace. I remember the day that we visited a very special old house, surrounded by a beautiful garden. In the old days in this house meetings were held were fighting parties could make peace. This energy, the struggle and the spirit of peace was clearly felt in the house and the garden: a safe place from which to grow and develop new seeds and flowers.

From then on Frank started speaking about embassies of the earth: as I remember well they are meant to be starting points, safe and spiritual places, in which people can learn to form (comm)unities that are capable and responsible in dealing with difficult issues and dilemma’s.

Since a few years I am totally committed to sculpting. See I like to be a friend of the embassy of the earth. I have no idea what I could contribute in this stage of my life. We’ll see!