I’m here to tell you of what is taking place in Paris, make you aware of a gathering that will run parallel to the Climate Summit COP21 in December in Paris this year. It is called: ‘Voices4MotherEarth, World Wisdom Gathering’.

We, Semuel Sahureka, Leo van der Vlist, and me, Frank Heckman started this journey nearly a year ago. Inspired and directed by Indigenous Elders from different parts of the globe, we announced an official Call for Ceremony at the 14th UN Indigenous Forum Meeting in New York last Spring. Ceremonies are the key dynamic process in indigenous life to maintain, restore and initiate relations to the Web of Life, to all that is living, the Mother Earth. New York was in fact a call for a Ceremonial Journey to Paris, COP21 December 2015. And so it happened with the help of a lot of close and beautiful people.

Thirty Wisdom Keepers – Elders, youngsters, men, women, artist, scientists and more – from all over the planet will gather on a special place just outside Paris, to raise the consciousness and enhance the transition towards a healthy and habitable planet. Commonly shared is the need for a new paradigm, a change of our current worldview. This gathering will be supported by ceremonies of Indigenous Peoples all over the world. One outcome of the World Wisdom Gathering will be a clear unified, unprecedented vision of human kind on Mother Earth.

Much of what is happening in Paris is seen by many as the filling in of the ‘Blind Spot of our Time’, providing the missing link, the reconnection to Nature, what Einstein called ‘the origin of Life’. Many projects, initiatives are going or are ready to be launched across the planet. There is an urgency and hunger to connect thinking directly to doing, if you will, spirit to action. So, that’s the intention of this Wisdom Gathering: to bring their vision, gifts, knowledge and experience down to earth. Available and understandable and useful to all!

The Wisdom Keepers will bring their vision and messages in a ceremonial way to the world on Sunday the sixth of december, from the heart of Paris where the Big Drum, specially made by the Ojibway people, has been beating non stop to the rhythms of the heart of the Earth since the beginning of the COP21.

Children, young people, Clan mothers, Elders, leaders from the COP21, citizens and thousands of ceremonial drummers gently resonating the heartbeat of Mother Earth will be present on the 6th. A sacred fire will be lit in the place surrounded by the waters of the Seine on Île de la Cité in front of the Notre Dame (Our Lady, Mother Earth).

This is our offer to Paris, our gift to the world.

Much is happening in the preparation, like a team of cooks preparing their best dish of the year. But in all honesty, we need your help at this point. Until now this ‘project’ has almost been zero-budget. Which works, many people are helping. But it is also unequivocally clear that we need funding, financial support. The rigging up of the gathering, ceremonial spaces, local transport, cook, food and drinks, para-medical support, communication, cost of travel for those who need support and more logistics.

Thank you for supporting this key process and with it helping to create a good life on planet Earth,

We will keep you posted about the progress and outcomes of Voices4MotherEarth, World Wisdom Gathering.

My Earth is your Earth

My Heart is your Heart

My Spirit is your Spirit

Let’s work together




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