My dad used to say: ‘Surgery accomplished, patient dead.’

To think of it, that’s exactly what happened to him at the age of 92. Suffering from some problems with his skin the doc prescribed strong medication, which as a side effect limited his digestive functioning. Resulting in rapid weight loss, weakened leg support, ending in a fall on the concrete floor of his farm. His broken hip replaced with a new artificial joint was the excellent accomplishment of the orthopaedic surgeon. Job well done! But he was still not able to digest his food. They had simply forgotten about the human that was hitched to the hip. After ringing the alarm bell several doctors looked at ‘heart’ or ‘skin’ or ‘intestines’ and, of course, ‘the hip’. Time wasn’t on his side. Four weeks after his successful hip surgery our dad passed on in november 2013.

Retracing what went wrong is most upsetting, as all parties involved were expressing to have worked to their best ability. And they were sure of it. It very much read like the tale: ‘the Seven Blind Men and the Elephant’.

But it’s no different when talking with the scientists and politicians who, stunningly, belief that the shift on this planet is about bringing back CO2 emissions. Another ‘hip replacement’ approach?

It’s a rare fish that knows it swims in the water, that’s our legacy of embracing Descartes and a good two hundred years into the ‘industrial revolution’ – a couple decennia of information age. Based on the matrix ‘if we can only understand the smallest piece, we are mastering all’. But this excursion to breaking-things-down-to-their-smallest-parts has, as we now see, a disastrous impact on planet Earth and tears the bond between people, the social fabric, to pieces. Sharp distinctions between generations, fictional layers of organization, focus on isolated problems have now reached its absolute peak.

So are we ready to clearly look at our matrix, the current modus operandus? Could we move on to our innate and timeless resources and restore, put the pieces back together? Like in the natural world, letting the whole organize its parts? Or do we end up:

‘Surgery accomplished, Patient dead’.



  1. I asked the surgent who was going to look into the brains of my father because of the tumor, do you have records of this surgery on others what are the results.No I do not have.So you have no idea what the results are why do you operate?Puzzled he looked at me and said because it is the only possiblity.We have no other aswer It is the normal follow up on a condition like this.


  2. Yes Frank, thank you for sharing this private experience…and helping us staying awake and aware of these crazy detoriations of modern life. It is an true example of how far we developed our concentration at particles in stead of the whole experience of the phenomena.
    It became more or less the model of our approach to life in many fields.
    As a teacher in martial arts, we do know from the old, that in selfdefense we should never concentrate on the the attack itself alone…we should take in concern (unfortunately in split second) at least the total situation…where the act is coming from…
    May be it is our eternal strife for security that always makes up the above mentioned choice for the ultimate control of little things above solving the greater problem behind.
    Let us us stay aware.


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