In September last year John D Liu, the American Chinese filmmaker and the powerful spokesman for the restoration of the devastated Earth, spoke about an Indigenous Venue at the Lima Climate Summit last December. My first response was that the Indigenous community should be at the Climate negotiating table, as they have a good as well as a profound contribution to make. They still have and in many places still practice what we are ignoring, or worse, have lost: a strong intimate bond with the land, with Earth. A relationship that evokes a caring attitude toward all that is living.  It is most remarkable and awesome that in every Indigenous community on the planet, North, South, East or West, this is put to practice through Ceremony.

And so on our way to the Climate Summit in Paris, the Call for Ceremony was born. Filmmaker Rolf Winters‘Down to Earth’ – told me when he interviewed Dale Thomas, Spiritual Leader of the Three Fire Tribes, that his last words were:

‘Its going to get worse, unless men will embrace the Ceremonies’.

Now on the 21st of June, Summer Solstice, all over the planet we are collectively doing Ceremony, energetically connected: To All Our Relations!

Here are some of the many involved communities.

Dale “Nowaten” Thomas

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