“The air is foul, the waters poisoned, the trees dying, the animals are disappearing. We think even the systems of weather are changing. Our ancient teachings warned us that if man interfered with the natural laws, these things would come to be. (…) What is needed is the liberation of all things that support life – the air, the waters, the trees – all the things that support the sacred Web of Life.” – Basic call to consciousness – the Haudenosaunee message to Western World, UN, Geneva, 1977)

We’ve returned from the 14th UN Indigenous Peoples Forum in New York, next stop: The Hague. Join us on June 21st for a ceremonial meeting with our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters at the Malieveld. They tell us that 2015 is crucial. We have to shift the political spectrum going into the UN Climate Summit in Paris this December. That balance is shifting. On every continent people are coming together to do Ceremony, the ancient and yet timeless way to restore, maintain and renew relationships with all that is living. We will see you at the Malieveld on Sunday the 21st of June. For details and the whole program click: Uitnodiging 21ste.pdf



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