Last Sunday afternoon I walked into the Gladstone High School, Upper Peninsula, Michigan. Entering the cafeteria, the lunch tables were set for a meal and arranged in a wide Circle with in the open space in the middle a large Ceremonial Drum.

Today is the Spring Pow Wow. Many of the students in this school have Indigenous roots and live either on or off the nearby reservation of the Potawatomi tribe. After I had spoken about the ‘Call for Ceremony to all Indigenous Peoples on June 21st, I fell into the motions of the gathering: Sacred Drumming – the three year old was drumming with the same concentration as the Elder -, the 12 year old girl who was greeted and honoured by all members with her new Native name – the sharing of the food everyone brought and the Give Away (of presents) at the end. It all felt so natural, obvious without explanation.

And next to my plate was this pink scroll of paper tied with a red ribbon:
The Seven Grandfathers (Teachings)





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