20:45 the first slow rhythms emerge from deep down onto the surface of the huge ceremonial drum in the middle of the room. The four men seated around, North, West, South and East are moving their drumsticks to what could become the Earth’s heartbeat. Then, one by one, some forty people around the centre drum set in, merging and blending, adding to the rhythm, with theirs drums and rattles. The cacophony swells, struggles and stretches. Slowing and speeding when, out of nothing, ONE RHYTHM fills the space.

The place of action is the Vredescafe in Amsterdam where last night, March 19th, people have gathered to witness and engage in the Sacred Drumming Circle.

It marked the beginning for the Global Call for a Ceremonial Journey to Paris. An approach to the Climate Dialogue in which the Indigenous People as the keepers of the Earth can help us restore our relationship with Nature. Something so fundamental in the needed shift, that it is easily overlooked in the fever of 2 degrees and giga-tons CO2.

Main actors? Stephan Eshuis en To Elting, coordinators of the Vredescafe. Semuel Sahureka, Alifuru (Moluccans), initiator of tonight’s Drumming Circle. The ‘Vier Winden’, Jan Gerritsen en Truus Oosterhout, Keepers of the Drum. Leo van der Vlist, Netherlands Centre for Indigenous Peoples, and co-conspirator. Frank Heckman, Embassy of the Earth. Foremost, friends, family and many wonderful people.


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