Our friend Albert, you know from Einstein, made it clear when he spoke: ‘there is no place in this new kind of physics both for field and matter, for the field is the only reality’. So what really runs the show here on Earth is this ‘informative field’ from which all parts and particles, all manifestations sprout. And so this ‘wholeness’ contains all of life, strangely, also what we regard as ‘other’. Although this is reality, as Albert mentions, we, from the industrial and information era, don’t live it. It’s as if we live a short distance away from our bodies, really split. Operating modus: mind over matter. Missing a direct way to log in to this ‘field’. Although it is clearly operating, our perception of it is ‘shattered’.

That Oneness contains all of life, also what we regard as ‘other’ is known to us. Our knowledge of a healthy eco-system is telling us that the ‘whole organizes the parts’. On the hardwood courts top basketball players reported on this ‘wholeness principle’ when lifted to another level of performance in the heat of the game. Musicians tell us, and production teams account for these extraordinary experiences. Scientists across the globe are pushing their intellectual and creative boundaries to mathematically prove that this oneness or whole is a ‘unified field’.

The sages and wisdom keepers have been talking about this sacred unity all along.

And it is, in fact, taking place, for the one billion people (fastest selling product on earth ever), smartphones in their hand the empathic, participatory world is no big deal. They know intuitively that everything is connected, they strife for it, 24/7. For them, participation is not hypothetical, but a way of being.

Let’s be realistic, we are facing crucial times. Our planet is a mess, we’ve got to clean up, restore and stop some of the business as usual immediately. Reasoning that One Earth is enough for the whole World, there is job to be done. And we can no longer rely on Newton, Church and State to pull it off. We need this ‘new’ paradigm now, bringing about a new reality. A real and aspiring life for the children of our children. My Ojibway friends speak about the seventh generation.

The key is to remember, to become aware, to shift now and unleash the practice and movement of this collective consciousness. In many ways. For it has the ability to move mountains. So, let’s share stories, trials, awesome applications and real life practices of this ‘new’ paradigm.

Making it visible, loud and clear that we are ‘hardwired’ to be an integral part of our natural environment and to dream, think, build, produce, adapt and move collectively in extremely effective ways. 


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