The world today, the environment, regions, nations and markets are like turbulent white water. Uncertainty is rampant. Planning, policy-making, political leadership more often than not, fail to answer the burning questions. The manageability of our environment and its life support systems are spinning out of control. Although we can mathematically calculate billions of galaxies and remove tumors with pinpoint laser precision, we are now standing before a gap. A gap between mankind and nature, that looks impossible to bridge with our precious intellect and ‘civilization’.  Newton’s Law is holding us hostage, and we are having a hell of a time to jump over our own ‘shadow’.

Bridge over troubled water.

The good news is we can and are well equipped to jump the abyss. And have been carrying the age-old potential with us for tens of thousands of years. We are ‘hardwired’ to dream, think, build, produce, adapt and move collectively in extremely effective ways. Our large brain has a sheer potential of social intelligence gradually developed over the 98 % of our (mainly nomadic) tribal existence here on the planet. It is in our genes, and a good two hundred years of Industrial Revolution and a couple of decennia of increasing individualism ain’t gonna change that!

Collective powerhouse

The human-, biological sciences and the ‘wisdom traditions’ tell us that our forefathers had an extraordinary way to relate, develop and live with their natural environments. In their really impressive adaptation, meeting the next challenge with the best response, our family, as an apparently weak animal, were very effective, powerful and highly creative as a group.


Their wisdom, if you listen to the stories, reminds us also of our connection with a living earth and of our oneness with others and other forms of life that are our companions.

By being part of a something greater, larger then just ‘me’, in an instant, I allow to see myself through the eyes of the ‘other’. Like looking through the ‘crack in the wall’.

Wow, we are sacred!


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